Kobe Bryant Nails Dagger Three On Shane Battier

He the third marker leader in the NBA, and has led his team to the best record in the NBA. Check out the dagger has three Shane Battier hit Tuesday night against the Rockets:. But what continues to Kobe apart from his contemporaries is his ability to pass through the fourth quarter. Kobe Bryant had another outstanding season.

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Avril Lavigne Is A Married Slut

This means that, until you re seen again, but this time with someone else! According to Star magazine, Avril pAArtying was up to the L. Hotspot, where he was captured tongue wrestling with pineapple billionaire Justin Murdock. A. In December, it was noted Avril STD farm hanging out with Brandon Davis, but was seen next back with hubby DERYCKE Whibley - which is exactly the kind of movement is when you need to reassure everyone that marriage is not on rocks. Faux punk rocker Avril Lavigne was reportedly hosting a revolving door of launches, but, well, you know, married.

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Wrestling Lakers Wrangle West Genny

While it would have had to wait until February to block his second OHSL Liberty Division title in three years, the wrestling team Cazenovia still a great opportunity to test himself the rest of the month of January. When the West Genesee Laker visited last Tuesday night, has proven to be strong at all levels during a break in the 48-12 wild cats..

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Drew Barrymore Quot Short Term Love

The 33-year-old actress - who was married twice and is currently single - not I believe marriage should be forever. Let stay together for three years. But she insisted: I fall in love. Drew said The Daily Telegraph: It strange - I had a lot of first dates. It more like: Hello. Nice to meet you. . Drew Barrymore revealed she doesn t believe in long-term commitment.

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Jennifer Lopez Amp Marc Anthony Physical Fights

The state of war in their home!. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony marriage continues to be dragged through the mud. This time, to cover the last of May Star.The supports couples are always clashes physical shouting, pushing, shoving and throwing things. They throw things and scream and just go bananas. They love difficult and hard struggle and, at times, which led to pushing and shoving, an insider reveals.

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